Looking for Screws, Barrels and OEM supplies in plastics industry ?

Extrusion and Injection Screws, Barrels, Heater Bands and Blowers, etc.

JINHU treats people as the base and seeks development by innovation. Withits distinct enterprise culture and rapid reaction, it has owned certain scale. This group has been in the line of plastic machinery for more than 33 years, so far it has established five production bases in Shanghai, Zhejiang. It owns ten specialized companies such as Zhou Shan Jinhai Machinery Co.,Ltd,Zhou Shan Jinhu Chemical Fiber Machinery Co.,Ltd,Zhejiang Jinhu Plastics Machinery Co.,Ltd,Shanghai JinhuExtrusion equipment Co.,Ltd, Shanghai Jinhu Machinery Co.,Ltd…etc. Its total area exceeds 1200 Mu; it has more than one thousand stuff including more than 400 technicians. JINHU is one registered trade marks of this Group Co..

With common efforts of all stuff,this group Co. has got a lot of honors, such as “Top 500 China’s Private Enterprise”; “Top 100 Shanghai ’s Private Enterprise”, “Excellent Top 100 Pivate Scientific & Technological Enterprise in Zhejiang Province”, “Honest & trustworthy Enterprise in Zhejiang Province”, “Excellent Top 100 Private Enterprise in China’s Light Industry”, “Excellent Quality Product of China’s Machinery”, …etc. In addition. this Group Co. has independent quality inspection center, and has obtained certain certificate from China Quality Association with rather high authority, justness and reliability.

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Injection Screws and Barrels

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